Lee Ann's Christmas Traditions

I adore Christmas.  My Mother and Grandmother always shared their excitement for the holiday from when I was very young, and I still enjoy it very much.  After my Mom and Aunt would cook all day and host Thanksgiving, we would drive over to my Grandmas and decorate her tree each Thanksgiving night while she helped.  PaPa seemed relieved as he continued to sit back and rest.  It was a big deal that Grandma was the first one on the block with her tree glowing and outside decorations placed all around.  I still cherish a few of her ornaments on my tree now that she is no longer with us.  My mother worked full time but was known throughout the community for her bow making.  People from all over and from many walks of life brought her ribbon and for weeks she would create lovely bows.  The bow making was so harsh to her hands but she always made them with a smile.  These bows would surround my family all through the house.  We would have bows lying all over the furniture and any available flat surfaces waiting to go to their owners.  Some bows were made as surprises.  She never charged anyone…it was all about the season. 

I am into Christmas decorating and make my share of bows as well.  I like mixing the old and the new in my home.  My husband Joe and my 2 boys are very patient with me during this time of year.  I make a BIG deal out of everything and get fixated on selecting everything from the themed gift wrap (and certainly can’t use the leftovers next year), selecting the perfect tree after trying multiple tree lots (although I previewed 3 tree lots this year without my family during my lunch break) and working on my calender trying to fit in all my favorite “Must Do’s”. 

One place we gather each year is at The General Store Cafe in Pittsboro, just about 25 minutes from our house in Cary, NC.  We go to see the band Trilogy for their Annual Christmas Extravaganza.  This year they are playing from 8:30-10:30 on Saturday night,December 15th.  They play many of the old and new Christmas songs with a bit of swing and even bring out kazoos which my kids love.  After your great meal at the diner, you just settle in at your table and listen to the tunes.  It’s a casual place, kid friendly, artsy patrons, simple food and a kid’s mile high brownie dessert that MUST be shared if the kids are to sleep all month.  All along the edges of the dining area are artistic and crafty type items for sale.  Try it sometime – you can always check out their music lineup on their website at http://www.thegeneralstorecafe.com/.  If unusual and different activities catch your interest, checkout our newsletter on http://www.caryhomesnc.com/ where we often capture some of my favorites since I get to edit the calendar!

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