So I've decluttered – Where in Cary, NC can I take my stuff?

We’ve all heard it…before selling your house you need to declutter.

And, here at LG Real Estate, we have a process where we preview each of our Cary, NC listings before they go on the market and suggest to the sellers what needs to be removed.  But, what then?  I thought I would take a moment and just list a few of our favorite donation organizations in Cary, NC.

Habitat for Humanity in Wake County

If you remodeled your kitchen, bathroom or any part of your home in the getting your home on the market process, you can check out to see if you can utilize their limited pick up service or drop off old cabinets and any usuable leftover building materials.

Dress for SDonation Dress in Cary, NCuccess

Have you been cleaning out your closets? A new location is opening in the Raleigh/Durham area at Northgate Mall by June 2nd.  This group has served more than 400,000 women by providing business appropriate clothing.  To find out more and learn about donation sites, see

Teaming for Technology in Wake CountyComputer Donations in Cary, NC

A division of United Way that has lots of information on how to donate computer equipment, help out a worthy nonprofit school or a family and even get a tax break.

Dorcus Thrift Shop in Cary, NC

Located at 1231 NE Maynard, the Docus Thrift Shop sells used items and helps local neighbors in immediate crisis.  If you go during their store hours, someone will write up a receipt for your donations and even help you unload your car.  Check out for store hours and a detailed list of what they accept.

Official Site for Wake County –

This is a neat resource for Cary area real estate.  You can use this link and then there is a search engine that will help you with options to dispose of about everything from old paint, to ink cartridges, to propane tanks, to plumbing options.  Take a look at

Do you have any favorite donation places in Cary, NC?  If so, please share.

2 thoughts on “So I've decluttered – Where in Cary, NC can I take my stuff?

  1. I am a professional organizer and I developed a list of resources for donations. Of course, one of my most often drop-offs is Goodwill. I usually take my computer items to and books to the used bookstore. If you have items that are in good condition and would like to see someone needy receive the item you can visit and for selling items you can use Craigslist. Old textbooks can go to the prisons, churches can use toys for the nursery. Drama departments can benefit from your vintage clothing, old costumes and formal wear. Hospitals and clinics can take your old magazines. Veterinary clinics will accept old blankets and towels.

    Hope this is helpful. I have more if you don’t see it on this list, please call 919-465-1094.

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