Panera Bread, Our 2nd Office in Cary, NC

I love Panera Bread, our 2nd office here in Cary, NC.  My name is Lenda Goulding and I am Realtor here in Cary with LG Real Estate and YSU Homes.  Our Real Estate office is located in the Preston Walk Shopping Center directly across from Panera Bread.

I find a wonderful way to start my day is to drop by Panera, order my drink of choice (Icy Mocha Grande), and plan my daily activities.  Panera is light, bright, and full of positive energy.   The menu is diverse with plenty of delicious choices that change with the seasons.  Panera Bread, as their website proclaims, ” is a Symbol of Warmth and Welcome”.  I always find myself saying hello and chatting with friends, neighbors, and clients. 

I frequently visit our 2nd office because it is a welcome change of pace, I love the smell of coffee, and it feels like home.  The Panera staff is friendly and courteous and the management is sensitive to customer and community needs.  On several occasions, they have donated coffee, bagels, and other menu items to local charities and church events. 

So what does Panera Bread have to do with Real Estate?  Plenty!!  Today’s real estate market consists of a myriad of forms, disclosures, contingencies, and inspections in order to buy or sell a home.  At LG Real Estate like Panera Bread, we value the warmth and welcome of a trusting client relationship.  Our mission is to make buying or selling a home simple, enjoyable, and valuable for all our clients … all the time.  

So stop by Panera Bread in the morning for your favorite cup of coffee and try their new breakfast panini sandwich.  After enjoying your morning treat, walk across the parking lot to York, Simpson, Underwood and the LG Real Estate office.  Ask for Lenda, I would love to meet you.

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