This weekend's chores – Get my Cary home Ready to Sell – De-brass

So what was next on the list of things to get done?  De-brass.  One of the suggestions from Lenda and Lee Ann who work with me at LG Real Estate was to de-brass the house – replace the ‘gold’ door knobs and hinges, swap out the brass light fixtures, change the kitchen cabinet knobs, etc.  Well, I had planned on doing the entire house, but after looking at the price of door knobs, budget constraints came into play.  We decided on the first floor to give a great first impression to buyers as they come into my home.

Controlling Cost When Preparing Your Cary Home for the Market?

So I spent some time online looking for cheaper door knobs.  I figure I had a few weeks before the house is on the market, so I wanted to shop around for something less than $24-$50/knob.  After a good amount of time searching, the best we could find online was $15 for each closet door, $16 for each bathroom/bedroom door, etc.

Apex Hardware Store Saves the Day!

Before I had a chance to order them, I happen to be in Ace Hardware in Apex (for wall paper remover…) and had the kids just check the prices on their door knobs.  I have to admit I have not been a frequent shopper at Ace, but now things have changed!  For the same prices, I bought ACE brand door knobs and hinges, (Colonial style, brushed nickel).   They were friendly and a great help!  They ordered the 3 closet knobs, 1 bathroom knob, 1 front door handle with deadbolt, 1 key entry knob for the door to the garage, another key entry knob for the door to the deck, and one deadbolt for the deck door as well.  They were all in in less than 1 week and they re-keyed them all to match (keeping track of one key per person is enough!).

A Little Cary DIY can Save You Some Bucks

So this weekend my husband and my son got to work.  They started with the hinges.  My son watched my husband do the first one and off he went to the next door.  While still on the hinges, they started by removing the center brass hinge and putting in the brushed nickel one.  Then on to the top and then to the bottom.  For the 4 inside doors (1 bathroom and 3 closets),  they finished in less than one hour (just in time for hockey practice).  And this was using a regular philips head screwdriver since the battery on the cordless was dead!

Making More Progress

On Sunday they did the door knobs on the same doors.  I wasn’t home for this one, so I am not sure how long it took or if there were a few bumps in the road.  My son simply said that after the first one, it went smoothly and quickly (and what home improvement project does this not apply to?).

I have done my best to try to give you a before and after shot. Please excuse my photography, still life photography is not my forte!

Your Feedback!

As you can see, we are moving right along in preparing our home for the Cary real estate market. What tips did you use when prepping your Cary property to be “show ready” for your home’s debut?

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