So it begins…

So, how did we start?  Well, my husband and I decided that we needed a little more room in our house.  We investigated adding on to our Cary home, but decided it wasn’t going to work for us.  Typically we would never buy a house before we sell our own, but we have also never moved in town before.  But, before we even made the conscious decision to buy a new home in Cary, we started to do things we knew would need to be done.

De-cluttering Our Cary Home

First, we cleaned up our loft.  One of the best decisions we ever made was to have a loft built in the garage over the garage door of our Cary home.  We have a very high ceiling (19 feet), so we have plenty of room for storage, but with plenty of room comes with plenty of stuff…  We thought it would be good to lighten our load by getting rid of some things.  After one VERY full truckload to the dump, the loft is looking pretty well organized.  There is always room for improvement, but it is definitely a very large step in the right direction.

I Asked for Help From the Cary Real Estate Experts

What’s next?  The list seems rather daunting.  We had Lee Ann and Lenda come and give us some direction.  Some things wouldn’t surprise anyone who has watched any HGTV:  remove the borders from the kids’ bedrooms and paint them neutral, freshen up the paint trim outside, pack up personal photos, change the knobs on the kitchen cabinets from gold to silver, etc.  Some surprised us: replace all the carpet (shouldn’t have been a surprise, 9 years of kids and dog will do that…), replace the gold light fixtures, etc.

Step by Step Tips for Cary DIY Homeowners

So here we go – step one: remove the borders, posters, pictures, fill the holes.  Not as bad as it sounds, my kids helped remove the borders, my husband fill the holes, the kids sanded the spots, and I am ready to paint…

On to the next thing – stay tuned…

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