Did you know you can lunch at the NC State Fair before opening day?

Well…LG Real Estate did just that!  Our team went to the NC State Fair on Wednesday, October 15th, the day prior to the opening this year.  A few years ago when I worked for various software development companies, I was introduced to this tradition.

What’s fun about going to the fair early?

For us, it’s the fact that you can get “fair food” early and just relax with your friends from work! The weather was 87 and perfect.  Lenda provided each of us some “Fair Spending Money”.  I splurged on  a polish sausage sandwich, from one of about 10 vendors that are open a few days before the fair begins.  You can get in the gate free (front gate only facing Blue Ridge Road), get your foot long hotdog, polish sausage and fries and walk around the busy midway.  A few vendors are also open with cotton candy and candy apples.

Instead of crowds of people, you have to dodge the various golf carts, trucks and other moving equipment, but it’s a good way to spend time with your friends from work.  I love showing the team around since I am one of the few local girls and can point out my longtime favorites such as Al’s Fries, the pickle booth, the location of the hush puppy samples, FUMC’s ham biscuit kitchen and the homemade ice cream.

Have you been the the fair on one of the pre-opening days?  I hope to see you there next year!

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