It's great being a grandparent in Cary NC

Cary NC is a great place to raise a family and of course be a grandparent. Cary is a vibrant community of 132,000 (2008 count) located between The City of Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park.  The average age in Cary is 33.7 which means families, children, and of course lots of grandchildren.  There are wonderful parks, great schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and plenty of activities for children and grandchildren.


Allie & Ashley

We (Dave & Lenda Goulding) have 2 married sons that live in Cary and 3 precious little granddaughters.  Our oldest son Rex and his wife Lora live in the Preston area of Cary and have 2 daughters – Ashley age 6 and Allie age 4.  They love swimming at the Prestonwood CC pool and fishing in their backyard which is located on one of the Preston Lakes. 



Our 2nd son Ryan and his wife Dani live in the Weston Manor subdivision of Cary. They have a daughter, Sadie Claire, who will celebrate her 1st birthday in a couple of weeks.  Sadie is now walking and loves to explore and play games with GG (Lenda) and G-POP (Dave).

Normally, we as parents follow and locate close to our children so that the grandkids are nearby.  We are very fortunate to run a business- LG Real Estate– in a town so inviting and conducive to young families.  Our oldest son Rex moved to Cary from Boston in 2003 and Ryan moved here from California in 2007. 


Cary Senior Center

So not only is Cary a terrific place to raise a family, it’s also a great place for grandparents to reside.  The parks, recreational, and cultural department of the Town of Cary operates the Cary Senior Center.  The Cary Senior Center is a 17,000 square foot recreation and education facility designed by and for the adults 55 and older in Cary.  The center sponsors such activities as the Senior/Teen Wii Bowling Challenge, Ice Cream Socials, Annual Evening Concert (free), Tai Chi and other exercise classes. 

 So grandparents come to Cary – the kids and grandchildren will follow!

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