Cary NC Greenways

Last weekend our son Ryan and daughter- in- law Dani took their baby Sadie for a trail walk to see a Lake in Cary.  I was curious about the path and Lake since they live in a North Cary neighborhood called Weston Manor.  Well upon further investigation, I found the Black Creek Greenway near their home and starting in North Cary Park. Black Creek Greenway 001

Black Creek Greenway is one of 27 different greenway trails in the town of Cary.  It is 1.8 miles long and meanders from the park down along Black Creek to Crabtree Lake. 

 The Town of Cary describes a greenway on it’s website as a “Corridor of protected open space managed for conservation, recreation and non-motorized transportation”.  Black Creek Greenway links several Cary neighborhoods to Crabtree Lake and North Cary Park. 

 Greenways are linear parks that from a real estate standpoint enhance the beauty and value of the Cary neighborhoods they connect.  Here are some of the advantages of greenways the town of Cary lists:

  •  Providing a recreational amenity for walking, jogging, and bicycling in a natural setting remote from traffic;
  • Preserving pristine open space to enhance Cary’s quality of life;
  • Linking our neighborhoods with parks, schools, community centers, and other neighborhoods;
  • Helping control storm water runoff, curb erosion, and minimize flooding which can damage our property;
  • Improving Cary’s water quality by buffering streams, filtering pollutants, and recharging our groundwater;
  • Adding value to our property by merit of proximity.

 Black Creek Greenway 016

A convenient map of the town of Cary’s greenway and trail system is illustrated on the town’s website.  The greenway trails in Cary total 34 miles in length and are open from sunrise to sunset.

I invite you to plan a Cary greenway or trail outing – pack a picnic, grab your bikes or hiking shoes, and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of this wonderful system.

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