Matt Goulding "Cook This, Not That" book signing in Cary

 It all Started with a Fruit Dryer

If I had only known 15 years ago when our youngest son Matt requested a fruit dryer for his 14th birthday how that would change his life.  We had recently moved to the Cary area from CA.  Matt, the youngest of our four sons was the only one to make the move to the foreign country of NC. He came kicking and screaming which is very typical of any rising 8th grader. 

The Food Channel, Cary High, and UCLA

While getting acclimated to his new life without a plethora of friends on his doorstep, Matt gained a real fondness for the TV Food Channel.  After Matt Cooking 3learning to make beef jerky from his new contraption he started playing with recipes.  We never gave it a lot of thought until we heard about a Thanksgiving meal he fixed for his college roommates at UCLA.  By this time Matt had graduated from Cary High School in 1999 and went on to become an English major and Spanish minor at UCLA.  He was fortunate enough to spend a year at the University of Barcelona and during the summer he went to a culinary school in Spain. 

Eat This Not That!

Moving the clock forward several years Matt is now the co author of the “Eat This Not That” book series.  His real pride and joy is the latest book of the series “Cook This Not That”.  On Sunday April 18th,  Matt will be at the Cary location of Barnes and Noble to discuss his books.  The book signing and discussion will begin at 4pm.  On Wednesday, April 14th at 3am (the only weird time in the country) Matt will be on the Bonnie Hunt show along with David Zinczenko demonstrating several of the recipes. 

James Beard Food Writing Award

A few weeks ago Matt was nominated for the James Beard Food Writing Award.   This is a great honor and is considered the Oscar of food writing.  The nomination was for an article he did for Men’s Health Magazine called “Beauty and the Beast”.  He just arrived back to NYC from a trip to CA to work with Carl’s Jr/Hardees to help them devise a healthier menu.  There is an article about Matt in the April18th edition of the Cary News.

Proud Mom

As his Mom of course I beam with pride but taking that aside he is a wealth of information and if you meet him on Sunday you will be glad you did.

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