Attention Cary Homeowners – That all Important First Impression

Curb appeal.  Today 90% of all home buyers begin their search online and the first picture they see is the front view of your home – your curb appeal.  Often it determines whether or not a buyer will take a longer look and schedule a showing.  The landscape, front of your house, and front door are the most prominent in a photo or when driving by.

Start with your landscaping

Start with your landscaping.  Is your grass green and freshly mowed?  Do you have variety and color in your plantings?  Are your shrubs and hedges neatly trimmed?  Is the grass along the driveway and curbs edged properly?  Most of these issues are simply a matter of consistent and timely maintenance.

What a Home Buyer sees first

A potential buyer has booked an appointment to see your home and is now approaching your doorway.  Remember, the buyer’s first impression of your home has already been made online and while driving up and parking.  If they have been favorably impressed with your curb appeal, they will be far more receptive to your interior.  Conversely, if the curb appeal is shaky in their mind, they will be far less tolerant of anything in the home they do not like. 

Your Front Door

How does your entrance look?  Let’s pick on the front door.  When the agent and buyer walk up to your home, a critical moment occurs.  The buyer will have a minute or two to survey the entryway and especially the front door while the agent is tending to the lockbox.  Is the door freshly painted or stained?  Is the door attractive and complementary for your home?  Does the door have an attractive kick plate?  What about the welcome mat – is it attractive and welcoming?   Again, all the fixes here are relatively inexpensive.

Curb Appeal Evaluation

So the next time you come home, stop across the street and critically assess your curb appeal.  Make a list of the problem areas you discover.  Tackle clean up and repair chores first, then put some time into projects that will enhance that all important first impression.

Call us at LG Real Estate for an evaluation of your curb appeal and home value.  We have sold over 700 homes and have the staff, expertise and experience to help you with both the home buying and home selling side of your next transaction.

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