34th Annual Lazy Daze Arts and Craft Festival is Here – August 28th

Are you going to Lazy Daze in Cary, NC this year?  That’s the question alot of my friends were asking over the weekend.  One of the reasons I work at LG Real Estate is to be able to shop. 

 Right now, the high for Saturday is only supposed to be 86 degrees – that would be amazing.  Remember to go early – most of the vendors are ready to sell by 8:30am and you can actually see their items before all the crowds arrive. 

Of the 3 streets that are included in the festival, my favorite one is between the center of the Town of Cary and the old elementary school.  This is the street that I go to 1st.  Bring a small purse and remember that most of the vendors are happy to store your things for you at the booth until you are ready to go home.  And, if you want a bit of adult refreshment for a shopping break, you can drop in on the beer garden.  Check out the vendor CD this year to get a preview of the Lazy Daze wares.  See you there!

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