Induction Cooking

Attention Cary NC homeowners who cook frequently

 How would you like to save 10-15 minutes cooking time, have no grates to clean, and find that your kitchen does not heat up when cooking in the summertime?  We are talking about Induction cooking which is a household reality now with new technology and lower prices.

 In the past, the two basic choices for generating heat to cook in the kitchen were gas and electrical.  Induction is a third method that is completely different than the other two.  Rather than applying heat to the cooking pan, it makes the pan itself the generator of the heat. 

Induction cooking relies on electromagnetism to generate the heat.  An element in the cooktop creates an electromagnetic field and the field induces or transfers heat into the metal pan.  By controlling the strength of the field, the amount of heat being generated in the pan can be controlled precisely. And once the pan is removed from the cooktop or the element turned off, the heat stops instantaneously.

 Matt Goulding, our son and co-author of “Cook This, Not That”, was somewhat skeptical of this new technology.  Like most professional cooks, he preferred cooking on gas cooktops.  Recently, we installed an induction cooktop at our lake house and here are some of Matt’s comments about his induction cooking experience:

 “The efficiency level is unparalleled and you can go from cold to hot in 50 seconds.  Cooking is incredibly more precise with 20 heat settings and a well defined distinction between each setting.  After cooking a few meals, you know exactly which setting to choose for which dish or recipe you are cooking.  If you are cooking along and forget to boil a pot of water for pasta – no problem.  The water boils in 90 seconds with induction cooking and your mealtime is still right on target.”

Induction cooking is “Kid Safe”

 Dorothy, a client of ours at LG Real Estate, recently installed a 4 burner Bosch induction cooktop in her Preston home kitchen.  Dorothy loves the precision and says she has never boiled rice over nor does the cooktop heat up the kitchen.  She pointed out that induction is “kid safe” since no heat is generated when a switch is turned on unless there is a pot on the cooking element.

 In Summary, when remodeling your Cary NC kitchen, make sure you check out all the advantages of installing an induction cooktop.  Matt and Dorothy say, “Try it, you’ll love it”.

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  1. Induction cookers are awesome…I have 8 of them at the Restaurant… they work the magic for cooking my 5 min curry bowls… you can set the timer, control the temperature and basically do the magic of cooking your dish just perfect.

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