Rightsizing our life in Cary, NC

Enjoying our 3400 square foot home

It seems as if our moves have come full circle.  We arrived here in Cary, NC from California in 1994 and were amazed at the difference in the style of living.  We embraced it in full and have enjoyed the past 12 years in our 3400 square foot home.  In the entire time we have lived there we have never really utilized much more than the living space on the first floor.

 We purchased a ranch home in Preston

 When we made the decision to downsize, we never thought it would be to the extent we have now chosen.  After several months of looking for the perfect Cary home we have purchased a ranch home in Preston.  It is certainly small by Cary standards but not by California standards.  We now refer to it as going back to our roots.

 Major changes on the inside

 Our project will start in a few weeks.  With a few changes to the exterior, the home will see major changes on the inside.  Every decision made around our living space will be based on our personal priorities.   The focal point for us will be a large integrated kitchen that will open into our great room.  This is where we will spend most of our time and it will also be a good portion of our budget.

 Follow our Progress

 We have a great team helping us make the changes and I invite you to follow our progress.  I will be blogging regularly on the joys and frustrations of this process.  All of this will be explained to you in my blog which I hope you will visit often.

2 thoughts on “Rightsizing our life in Cary, NC

  1. So – a California transplant! Heck yeah, I guess you WOULD enjoy your 3000+ square foot home – that would cost a million dollars out here!

    With the money you save, you could enjoy some of that Carolina scenery and Southern charm.

    Good for you to pick the place where you want to live rather than let the unimportant circumstances of life dictate that to you.

    As much as I love California, I miss your south east coast as well and have many memories there.


  2. Looking forward to see what you have done to your new home. We have just moved in to our new home too. We moved in July 2010, almost a year to this day. My husband had already done alot to insert his personal signature to our new house.

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