Rebuilding a Cary NC Ranch Home – The Master Bedroom

Here’s the Ranch Home we purchased in the  Preston subdivision in Cary, North Carolina.   Preston is a beautiful golf course community in Cary with 54 holes of golf and over 2400 homes. We are in the process of totally rebuilding this home to fit our comfort and lifestyle.  We would like to share our experience and progress with you via our blog.  This post describes and illustrates our challenge with redesigning the master bedroom:



Here’s the original master bedroom as seen from the master bath. Note the half wall between the master bedroom and master bath.








 Looking at the master bedroom from the hall, the original carpet has been removed. The outside master bedroom wall with the single window will be removed and extended. 






The back deck extends from the detached 2 car garage to the back door of the home.  Our remodel will extend the current master bedroom 10 feet and attach it to the garage.







Here is another view from the deck of the corner of the current master bedroom before the extension.







Our carpenters are hard at work here building the foundation for the master bedroom extension.







This picture shows the framing of the extension with the high ceilings. The extension measures 10 x 13 and adds 130 square feet to the existing master bedroom. 






This opening will house a 3 wide double hung Pella window.  We are replacing all the windows in the home with Pella double hung windows. 







I realized that this room had possibilities when I saw the cathedral ceiling and the light streaming in from the windows.  In our previous Cary area home,the master bedroom was the room I liked the least because it had too many angles and not enough light. 

The most important piece in doing our remodel was to make sure we could get the HOA to approve the master bedroom being extended to the garage.  From what we could tell with the exception of screened in porches, no homeowners had done what we planned to do in our section of Preston.  When we got the approval from the local Preston HOA, we then knew we could purchase the home and make the changes we needed.

The addition will now make the new master bedroom 19’X13′.  It will also have nine feet of windows with built in window seats overlooking our patio area.  The window seats will add much needed storage, plus it will add some pizzazz to the area.

The hall entrance to the bedroom was also extended to give more privacy to this room.  With this design change the room is no longer directly visable from the living area.

The final decision on this area was the lighting.  We have added sconces for each side of the bed, 4 overhead canned lights, and a solar tube.  This will be the third and final solar tube that will be installed.  The other two are in the bath area.

Of course we now realize that our current furniture will no longer work in this room.  So this lets me do what I enjoy the most — shop.  Now even on a knee scooter (due to a recent foot surgery), I can keep the economy healthy in the Triangle.




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