Rebuilding a Cary NC Ranch Home – Great Room, Den, & Guest Bedroom


We are Rebuilding this Home in Cary NC

                                            The Great Room, Den, and Guest Bedroom

Here’s the Ranch Home we purchased in the Preston subdivision in Cary, North Carolina. Preston is a beautiful golf course community in Cary with 54 holes of golf and over 2400 homes. We are in the process of totally rebuilding this home to fit our comfort and lifestyle. We would like to share our experience and progress with you via our blog. This post describes and illustrates our redesign of theThe Great Room, Den, and Guest Bedroom:



The Great Room 


This picture shows the original floorplan looking from the front entry to the great room. Notice the 8 ft wall angling out into the great room from the kitchen.



This view after the demo shows the kitchen wall removed for a more expansive, cleaner look and feel.



Here’s a look at the expanded great room from the kitchen area. There will be six canned lights and a ceiling fan to illuminate and cool this space.





This picture shows the original den or study located in the front middle section of the house. There was no closet so this room could not be counted as a bedroom for resale purposes.




Here’s a picture from the same angle showing the closet we have added to the room. For resale, this home is now a 3 bedroom home and not a 2 bedroom home.




The Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is located in the front corner of the home and measures 12 x 11. Assuming we utilize a queen sized bed here, there is not adequate room for 2 nightstands with lamps. So we added 4 canned lights and will probably use just one night stand.




The closet in the guest bedroom is one of the larger closets in the home. We will section this closet off with long and short hanging spaces, cubby holes for sweaters, and a space dedicated for our guests.




The Great Room, Den and Guest Bedroom

In deciding how to best utilize these rooms, we needed to figure out what was most important for our new CaryNC lifestyle.

The Great Room will be our main living area. I view this room and the kitchen as a team. They need to blend and work well together. That is why we decided to change the position of some of the windows and the French door that is our entry to the home from the garage. We also extended the far wall of the living room to give a more private entrance to the master bedroom. The TV will be placed above the newly designed fireplace area. It is amazing what a few tweaks have done to this area.

The Den was used as a study in the past, but now with the addition of a closet, it can officially be a third bedroom. A second TV will be put in this room along with some workout equipment. I consider this room Dave’s “man cave”. He can watch all of the football and basketball to his heart content as long as he keeps the door shut. It will be set up in such a way that this room can easily transform as a third bedroom when needed.

The guest bedroom needed few changes. The carpet was removed and replaced with wood floors like the rest of the home. We added canned lighting and the closet will be built to accommodate our seasonal hanging clothes. This is the one room where we actually do not need to buy any new furniture.

Stay tuned for our next edition, “The AGA vs The La Cornue“.

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