Google Fiber

Google Fiber is coming to both the Town of Cary and Morrisville.

GF Image

Google Fiber is an ultra-high speed internet and TV service. The service provides gigabit speeds for internet access which is about 100 times faster than the current average speed.

The service is currently available in Austin, Provo, and Kansas City. In Austin, Google is offering 3 packages: Users can choose to pay $130 a month for gigabit internet and 150 television channels, $70 for just gigabit internet, or nothing for the free, 5mbps, internet service that comes with a Fiber installation.

Google Fiber remains in the design stage here in the Cary and Morrisville areas. Unlike Time Warner or AT&T, Google currently has no backbone or infrastructure for high speed internet so they are starting from scratch. The design stage is very important since thousands of miles of fiber have to be carefully planned and installed.

GF fiber image

Google fiber builds in stages and to find out when the service will be available in your neighborhood, Google has set up a website for updates. Here’s the link:

When will your neighborhood get Google Fiber?

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