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Rightsizing our life in Cary, NC

Enjoying our 3400 square foot home It seems as if our moves have come full circle.  We arrived here in Cary, NC from California in 1994 and were amazed at the difference in the style of living.  We embraced it in full and have enjoyed the past 12 years in our 3400 square foot home.  In the […]


34th Annual Lazy Daze Arts and Craft Festival is Here – August 28th

Are you going to Lazy Daze in Cary, NC this year?  That’s the question alot of my friends were asking over the weekend.  One of the reasons I work at LG Real Estate is to be able to shop.   Right now, the high for Saturday is only supposed to be 86 degrees – that would […]

Matt Goulding "Cook This, Not That" book signing in Cary

 It all Started with a Fruit Dryer If I had only known 15 years ago when our youngest son Matt requested a fruit dryer for his 14th birthday how that would change his life.  We had recently moved to the Cary area from CA.  Matt, the youngest of our four sons was the only one […]

Swat your Cary NC home to get it SOLD

Meet the LG Real Estate Swat Team One of the things I am most proud of is that our LG Real Estate listings have the reputation of showing in top condition. In today’s highly competitive market, agents can typically present a buyer with as many as 30 to 50 homes that fit their price point […]

It's great being a grandparent in Cary NC

Cary NC is a great place to raise a family and of course be a grandparent. Cary is a vibrant community of 132,000 (2008 count) located between The City of Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park.  The average age in Cary is 33.7 which means families, children, and of course lots of grandchildren.  There are […]


Walking Kanga (our Labradoodle) on the American Tobacco Trail

Last weekend, my husband Joe and I took our 1 1/2 year old mini labradoodle , Kanga Ru, for a short drive from our Preston neighborhood in Cary, NC to the American Tobacco Trail.    While Kanga had to be on her leash, per the trial rules, we all had a great time just enjoying our walk.  We accessed […]

Fresh Fruit, Veggies & More at the NEW Western Wake Farmers Market

Wow!  Am I excited.  As what seems like a rarity, I am a local girl who grew up around farming and lots of fresh veggies.  Many summer nights were spent hanging out under a HUGE old oak tree while the family shelled beans and told great stories; often after a fun evening of baseball.  An […]


How to Remove Wallpaper!

Continuing Getting My Cary Home ready to sell Among the suggestions that Lenda and Lee Ann had were:  remove the wallpaper in the dining room.  I love this wallpaper.  I am not a fan of wallpaper in general, but this one was beautiful in my eyes.  It was blue and white (like my china) with […]

This weekend's chores – Get my Cary home Ready to Sell – De-brass

So what was next on the list of things to get done?  De-brass.  One of the suggestions from Lenda and Lee Ann who work with me at LG Real Estate was to de-brass the house – replace the ‘gold’ door knobs and hinges, swap out the brass light fixtures, change the kitchen cabinet knobs, etc.  […]