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So it begins…

So, how did we start?  Well, my husband and I decided that we needed a little more room in our house.  We investigated adding on to our Cary home, but decided it wasn’t going to work for us.  Typically we would never buy a house before we sell our own, but we have also never moved […]

Follow Me as I Get Ready to Sell my Cary area home

I have been working with Lenda Goulding and her team at LG Real Estate for 16 months now.  I have learned so much in my short time here, but my family and I have decided to put my new found knowledge to the test.  My husband and I have bought a new Cary home and […]


We love living in Cary NC

We augment our real estate team with many experts, one is Dan Miller, our marketing specialist.  We asked him to guest write on our blog.  We hope you enjoy. “Cary-dise”    It’s hard for me to name all of the things we like about living in Cary NC, but from this family-of-three’s point of view, Cary […]

Lee Ann's Christmas Traditions

I adore Christmas.  My Mother and Grandmother always shared their excitement for the holiday from when I was very young, and I still enjoy it very much.  After my Mom and Aunt would cook all day and host Thanksgiving, we would drive over to my Grandmas and decorate her tree each Thanksgiving night while she […]

Jen's Holiday Traditions

I have been trying to think of what my family’s Christmas traditions are.  We aren’t the caroling family (my daughter being the only one of us that can carry a tune), we don’t often sit in front of the fire with hot apple cider, we don’t have one favorite movie that we like to watch […]

Get to know us…

In an effort to get to know us at LG Real Estate (and since it is the holidays), we will each endeavor to post something about our family holiday traditions.  Watch for more to come.